Saturday, February 10, 2007

Another Traveler Has Moved Out

It's unofficial now. One of us just chose to move out. It was a career breakthrough for him, and moments of disbelief for us. The group, developed from the roots with a set of values of which he played an active role, is gradually losing its charisma. Apart from being an active Traveler, he was a good sportsman, the opening batsman for the department cricket team, a belt holder in Taekwondo and above all, a person whom newbies lookup for inspiration.

The best face of his that I could never forget was the moments of panic while we were returning from Pushkar to Jaipur, Rajasthan. A couple of our senior friends were over drunk and it was unmanageable to continue the journey with a drug-inflicted driver. With 3 women onboard, it was risky to drop ourselves midway in the highway and riskier still to continue all the way to Jaipur. All the way they kept abusing Naresh, and he maintained his calm. We couldn’t actively support Naresh than provide our moral support, just to keep things under control.

After we just missed an accident (I still feel the shock), we chose to step out of the vehicle there and then. The journey back home was the most memorable one I ever had. We’ll miss you Naresh! Bye for a while.

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