Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Story of Sam and Lola

Sam is a determined owl. Unlike the wild owls in the tropics he was Blanco white, matching the arctic snow. Above average build, he stood tall above all his brothers and is a little too proud of that fact. But there was something that swept him off his feet: The little beauty called Lola. She never took him for more than just another hunk that follows her everywhere. She too is pretty, and beautiful. Ptarmigans have their own charms. They are beauties themselves. One day Sam disclosed his love (or was it devotion?) to her. She didn't expect him to be serious, but it suddenly appeared to be so. One day Sam sees Lola with another Ptarmigan. She introduced him as her husband. Sam was shattered. He never knew she was taken. Now that he's disclosed his love and devotion, there's no going back. Ego rules. It's a matter of his pride. So he did the unthinkable.

He lured the ptarmigan out to the jungle, presenting himself as a friend, and they flew too deep inside. No one knew what happened there. Even till today. Sam returned alone. Rumors started spreading that Sam killed Spark. No one listened to Sam. He's branded "Killer Sam." It was sort of thrust on him. Not only did Lola refuse to talk to him, she ridiculed him in public whenever she got a chance. It was heart-breaking for Sam, because no one listens to him now. That's when Sam tells Lola, what I've said and done was true from my heart, and in good spirit. If you are not able to see it, then I leave you for good. And he files away.

A moment of this interaction is captured through the wonderful imagination of a painter and is available for display in the National Museum here in New Delhi. The lives of the Inuit people - the natives of the Canadian Arctic - are full of folklores. It is truly said that man is always hungry for stories. I'm no different. I was able to liken many of them to the little stories that I grew up with, the essence of these simple somethings that still is within me as a sound investment.

I want to thank to the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa and the National Museum, New Delhi for this event. Special thanks to Little Talk, I am able to find out more such happenings around me now. I’ll write about this newest member of my family soon…well, around Christmas when she’s a month old.

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