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LittleTalk - Talking All the Way

A quarter ago, I promised that I'll write about the newest member of my gadget family. She's 3 months old now, and works perfectly well. I think this is the right time to write a review, now that her newness is no more a limitation. After spending too long searching for the heart-stealer and feeling dejected when all dealers in the neighbourhood swearing high that my favourite Berry is out of market, I was desperate to get something really good into my hands. And that decisive weekend, I went searching for the holy grail of a touch-screen mobile branded after an aggregate fruit that grows in the temperate regions. After a full long day of searching I did neither found the product nor an encouraging dealer who sells/promised to provide it. I already have a case history of stocking products that becomes history soon after I've bought them (they just disappear from the market ever since), and after sales service becomes a pain. I learned it the hard way with my first smartphone. This time I wanted to be different.

And that decisive weekend, I came up a well-reasoned shortlist of beauties that I would like to lay my hands on. And another exhaustive search for the top runners, and getting negative replies (this time, the comment was “yes there is such a phone, but not yet launched in India” instead of the previous “sorry, this product is off the market now.”) I wasn’t ready to give up so soon, now that I have a list of beauties to choose from. And it was an accidental question about a certain model which resembled the #1 beauty from the Nokia stable in my list. For the first time, the girl at the Nokia store smiled at me with relief “Yes sir, this is available. Good choice.”

Welcome Back, Nokia
And that one little beauty stole my heart. Contrary to the name and in line with my peculiar choice of smartphones, the C7 (yes that’s her generic name) is anything but little. One significant contradiction is the weight: while all my beloved smartphones (the Nokia, HTC, and Palm etc.) were heavyweights, the C6 is incredibly light and handy. She’s the first of my beauties to fit in the pocket perfectly. When I first took her in my palm, I knew this is the one meant for me. I never had a second thought, and am happy with my choice since then. After getting it approved by Little Bea, I officially named her ‘LittleTalk.” Like a human being, she talks and even “breathes.”

Things I Like
Right from the overall look and feel, LittleTalk is a delight to have. I’m particularly new to the concepts of proximity-sensor (it automatically locks the screen when I take it to my ear to attend a call – ideal “must have” for a touch-screen beauty) and accelerometer(it auto-silences any incoming call when you place it face down). The sales girl at the Nokia store was keen to configure my g-mail, and personalize the phone for me – thanks; the email account set-up is easy too. The C7 is a 3G phone (though 3G was officially launched months later) and if you have a 3G connection, it would add more value to the usage. The screen size is good, and I love the flat surface. All my previous smartphones have a hard frame, sol I love the clean flat surface of the C7 more. The camera is sharper by a delightful 8 mega pixels, the highest in any smartphone I have had so far. She also made me proud when a friend complained that his iPhone 3 doesn’t capture images as sharp as my LittleTalk, after visiting my photos in Facebook. The Nokia Ovi suite comes with a host of in-built applications like GPS that I actually put to use.  I also found quite some usable applications in the Nokia Ovi Store.
The Not-So-Good
LittleTalk doesn’t have a scroll button. The only button on the front surface is the Menu button, which also acts as the breather (the lights go on and off in such a way resembling a person’s breath – it’s amazing!) and visual alarm (blinks). Since I’ve always used touch-screen mobiles that ad at-least three buttons on the face, this was a turn-down since I faced difficulty in adding contacts straight from the missed call list. This has disappointed me for quite some time and I finally found that you only need to keep pressing the particular space/contact/application and it works equivalent to the right-click of a mouse.

I am happy and contended with the new member of my gadget family, and simply hope that Nokia doesn’t call it off!

Image Courtesy: Cellular News

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